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Monthly April 2014

Hallo Welt!

- 10. April 2014 /

Willkommen zur deutschen Version von WordPress. Dies ist der erste Beitrag. Du kannst ihn bearbeiten oder löschen. Um Spam zu vermeiden, geh doch gleich mal in den Pluginbereich und aktiviere die entsprechenden Plugins. So, und nun genug geschwafelt – jetzt nichts wie ran ans Bloggen!


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 (+49)  171 77 333 64

About Me

Who I Am.

Hi, I am Christoph, a Freelance Compositing Artist based in Hamburg, Germany. With close to 20 years of working experience i started out on Quantel and 5D Cyborg gear, but later moved to Flame and Nuke as my primary tools of choice. While my primary focus is working on commercials, with a speciality in digital beauty work, I also worked on numerous long format projects.

I am available for both on-site and remote vfx work. And if you want, I can supply my own vfx workstation, complete with current versions of Flame, Nuke, Mocha, Syntheyes and Adobe Creative Cloud. And if you need on-set vfx supervision, I’m available for that as well.

My  Educations.

Apprenticeship as a Media & Sound Designer at Voss TV-Ateliers, Düsseldorf

My  Tools.

[Autodesk Flame]
[The Foundry's Nuke]
[Adobe Photoshop]

My  Jobs.

[since October 2011]
Freelance Compositing Artist
Senior Compositing Artist at Deli Pictures, Hamburg
Compositing Artist at ACHT Frankfurt
[2001 - 2003]
Compositing Artist at Das Werk, Frankfurt